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Don’t compromise safety while caring for your COVID-19 patients at home


Remote COVID-19 Patient Monitoring // Hospital Surge Capacity Management


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Rely on accurate data to make the right decisions for your patients

  1. Use the same SET® monitoring technology that leading hospitals worldwide rely upon for even the most vulnerable patients.

  2. Clinically proven Masimo SET® is reliable even during patient movement, a known limitation of other pulse oximeters. The performance of SET® has been demonstrated in more than 100 published studies1. SET® has also been integrated into many leading OEM monitors.

  3. Maximize patient comfort with tetherless, wearable sensors that allow for 24/7 monitoring while minimizing interference in daily tasks.

Radius PPG
Radius T
Stay connected to your patients by having continuous visibility to their vital signs trends whenever you need it

  • Continuous remote patient management and connectivity without relying on the active involvement of the patient

Ready to be deployed in your region today
  • Easy to deploy

    • No additional infrastructure costs

    • No additional IT hardware or setup

    • No expensive equipment to lend out or stockpile

  • Fast scalability

  • Data security at every point of contact, with GDPR compatibility

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